Welcome to Daiyan Yingyu.  欢迎在戴研英语。

戴研 (Dai Yan) is my Chinese name.  英语 (Yingyu) means English.  This website came out of several ideas and desires: to keep some helpful content from another website that would otherwise be removed; to move some content from another site that was too slow; and to begin to share some new thoughts and ideas about things in which I have an interest.

If you are planning to come to the UK as an international student, you may like to read the Guide to Life in the UK, and if you are coming to Guildford (for example, to the University of Surrey) take a look at the information about Guildford.  There is some history about the town which may be of interest to anyone, and there are some photos of Guildford in the archive of photos from Friends International in Guildford events, with which I have been involved for a number of years.

I also have some photos from my visits to China, which you are welcome to look at; select a site of interest from the menu on the right.