I provide a thorough proof-reading service of English texts (essays, dissertations, CVs, etc), especially for those written by people for whom English is not their first language, and in particular for Chinese speakers.

If you would like me to proof-read (and “polish”) a document,  please e-mail me ( with your document attached for a quote.  As a guide, the cost is usually £2 (about 20 RMB) per hundred words.  Please do not forget to include the date (and time) by when you need the work returned.

I cannot promise to accept every job.  In particular, if your work is for any sort of English learning course, I will not proof-read it.  However, for these I can offer a service to point out any mistakes, and give you tips on how to correct them.  I will not correct them myself because that would not help you learn.   Please be honest about what your work is for.  I cannot be held responsible for cheating.